Saturday, April 1, 2017

High On The Hog NUGGETS - Vol. 1 & Vol. 2

Lawd Sakes! Where'd you lil' kittens go out when I seen's you last night?
If you'd ask me, I'd know just whar ta go. Now I may be old, and seen mah day, but you little kittens mind what I say! Put yer glad-rags on and we'll git sum thrills, rockin' and a-rollin' at the bottom of the hill.
It's High on the Hog!! Two volumes – each packed with 13 hand-picked obscure and primitive 50's hickabilly honkytonk hog-killers for you lonesome losers and retro rednecks! This type of music laid down the foundations of rock-n-roll...add in some rhythm n' blues and it's born! DIG!

Vol. 1 Tracklist:
1. Robert Keel and The Drifting Rangers - "Take A Chance With Me"
2. Jimmy Walls - "Look At Me Eyes"
3. Howard Vokes - "Mountain Guitar"
4. Jimmy Lawrence and The Western Plainsmen - "Bad Land Shimmy" (instrumental)
5. Eddie Noack - "Psycho"
6. Roger White - "Somebodys Stealing My Baby"
7. Bill Browning & The Echo Valley Boys - "Wash Machine Boogie"
8. Abe Heap - "Short Fellow Blues"
9. Ray Stone - "China Doll"
10. Leon Bass - "Counry Hix's"
11. Frank Evans - "Pull The Shades Down Ma"
12. Ernie Chaffin - "I'm Lonesome"
13. Roy Kelly And The Westernaires - "Draggin'-It-Boogie"

• • • • • • • • •

Git/Hear Volume 2 Here

Vol. 2 Tracklist:
1. Jimmy & Russ Williams - "High On The Hog"
2. Jimmy Keller - "Brush Pile Burn"
3. Ray Baker - "Gotta Have Your Lovin"
4. Frank Evans - "The Ain't Got Blues"
5. Alvin Stone - "Naggin Woman"
6. Hugh Friar - "I Can't Stay Mad At You"
7. The Phantom - "Whisper Your Love"
8. Larry Phillipson - "Bitter Feelings"
9. Whitey Gallagher - "Searching (I'm Always Looking)"
10. Russell Spears & The Darts - "Beggin' Time"
11. Roy E. Moore And The Tennessee Drifters - "Let Me Be Your Man"
12. Curley Griffin - "I've Seen It All"
13. Bob Baker - "Kitty Kat Korner"

"...This is the pure "gold" hickabilly that's so hard to find: One can smell the eggs n' bacon cookin' and hear the rooster out yonder the minute the needle hits the grooves. Required collecting for those that require knee-slapping, greasy jams to liven up the outhouse. Forget about "stereo recording"; these mono-wonders sound like the master was cut with a ten-penny nail, and the record broadcasted over a 1964 Philco radio. All of the volumes are nearly equal in their stunning array of dusty hick genius..." Vomito:

"...Before rockabilly - there was hillbilly. Rural US good-time country music, usually upbeat and played with gusto. Song themes revolved around working on the farm, going out dancing, falling in love, cars, girls and drinking… in other words the timeless themes of music everywhere. The slap-bass, guitars and raw feel was eventually incorporated into rock n' roll and the two types of music went along side-by-side through the 50s. Hillbilly was probably for people who thought rock n' roll was too sophisticated, or they just preferred the country side of things a bit more."

Monday, March 20, 2017

All Them Wives by Harold Montgomery

A cool Rockabilly tune not from 1959, but from 1969!?

I found this on the great comp series COUNTRY HICKS (Volume 4).
"All Them Wives" by Harold Montgomery. DIG IT.

Wednesday, March 15, 2017

I Don't Believe You've Met My Baby - The Louvin Brothers

Howdy ya'll!
Now let's sit down a spell and enjoy the legendary Louvin Brothers performing their big hit, "I Don't Believe You've Met My Baby".
Download or Listen Here!

Friday, January 27, 2017

The Scratch That Itch Mix.

Here you go! Fresh out the batcave lounge, a delightful mixture of some of our more interesting recent scores.  We're calling this one The Scratch That Itch Mix. (Dedicated to Donald Trump)

Download or Listen = Get It Here.


1. "Scratch That Itch" - Elliot Shavers
2. "Chills and Fever" - The Poison Ivy League
3. "Down Down" - Os Baobasáá
4. "Pulsebeat" - Buddies
5. "Like Nobody Else" - Bee Gees
6. "Mindbender" - The Warlocks (Grateful Dead)
7. "Who Do You Think You're Fooling" - Captain Beefheart and His Magic Band
8. "It'll Never Be Me" - Electric Banana (Pretty Things)
9. "Haunted House" - Other Side
10. "It's Witchcraft" - Blue Echoes
11. "Dimes Make Dollars" - Lilies


Saturday, November 26, 2016

The Nitro-Retro Fall 2016 Dead-End Kid Mix

We had some down-time in the bat-cave to whip up this tasty 11-song mix of some various stuff we've been diggin' on lately. DIGIT.


1. Dead-End Kids soundbite intro
2. Mikey Baker - "Steam Roller"
3. The Poison Ivy League - "It's Alright With Me"
4. Chants - "Hypnotized"
5. Spats -"Gott Tell Ya All About It Baby"
6. Nobody's Children - "Girl, I Need You"
7. Creations - "Better Watch Out"
8. G.L. Crockett - "It's A Man Down There"
9. Howlin' Wolf -"Commit A Crime"
10. Dr. John - "Mama Roux"
11. Gary U.S. Bonds - "I Wanna Holler"
12. Rudy Ray And Moore Fillmore Street Soul Rebellion - "Put Your Weight Into It (Pt.1)"

Saturday, February 6, 2016

The Poison Ivy League - "Don't Tease Me"

Here ye Hear ye!

Spewing "Maximum Rock & Soul Mayhem", and flunking out of Richmond, Virginia -
The Poison Ivy League just released their virtually 'live in the studio' debut demo recordings!
Check out these 4 smokin' versions of :
- Question Mark and The Mysterians, "Dont Tease Me"
- Sugar Pie DeSanto's "In The Basement"
- Ray Charles/The Undertakers "Unchain My Heart"
- Don Gardner's "My Baby Likes To Boogaloo"

Check 'em all out at their BANDCAMP site here.